Philippines is getting quite popular among Indian students for pursuing a medical course

The Philippines is getting quite popular among the Indian students for pursuing a medical course. One of the major reasons for its popularity is due to the fact that this country is majorly English speaking nation. The medical universities in the Philippines are accredited by the MCI and this is the reason why many of the Indian students have started looking at the universities of Philippines for getting their medical degrees.

Top reasons for studying MBBS in Philippines

• The greatest advantage of pursuing a medical course from here is its cost which is far less and the quality of education which is being offered is far better than in comparison to many of the other MCI recognized medicine colleges internationally.
• In fact, the country is holding quite simple eligibility criteria for the admission to the medical courses. All those Indian students who have secured minimum 65% of the marks in their 12th class are eligible for the admission.
• Students going for higher studies there will actually feel at home and the country ensures quite a safe and affordable living standard. The MBBS course fee in the Philippines will be ranging anywhere between INR 11-22 lakhs.
• The MBBS course in the country is called as the B.S-MD.The BS course is being taught during the 1st year or for one and a half years too in some of the medical schools.
• The students then have to sit for the NMAT test. Apart from the cost of the fee the additional expenses obviously include the accommodation as well as the food.
• The academic calendar in the country starts in the month of March and it continues until the month of the December. With amazingly high literacy rate to the extent of 94%, this country is actually a home to the major student gathering.
• The integrated problem-based learning approach which is utilized at the medical universities of the country imparts the future medical professionals a world-class exposure even before they actually start practicing.

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